Easy to install used power steering pumps

  • Citroen Saxo/Peugeot 106 - (2 wires) Part number: 9642245180
  • Volvo - two jack pump by using 3 wires (use wires: +12V, GND, +12V ignition)
  • Astra/Zafira - using 4 wires (3 wires going to +12V and one to GND)
  • PSA Peugeot 307/Citroen C4 (4 wires) Part number: 9654149580

Possible options (NOT confirmed)

  • Mini Cooper R50/R52/R53-24 2002-2008

Video example (for Volvo Steering Pumps):

Volvo C30,C70,S40,V50 (2005-2013)

Video example (for Astra/Zafira Pump)

Info about the Power steering pump (Citroen Saxo/Peugeot 106)

Video example for Peugeot 307 / Citroen C4 / EV-Evolution Pump

Here you can also add a switch to thin wires to enable it as you need, for example, for city drive mode.