Since cars use higher amperage, the minimum voltage per cell and minimum pack voltage can be set even lower. An example is 70V for a 96V system or 2.3V per cell. However, please note that this is only under load, and the voltage shouldn't drop below 2.7V when standing still.

30S 96V Configuration:
MAX Voltage per Cell: 3.65V
MIN Voltage per Cell: 2.3V
Battery Pack MAX Voltage: 109,5V
Battery Pack MIN Voltage: 70V

This configuration will prevent the BMS from disconnecting the main relay due to low voltage if your battery is at a lower state of charge and you need to accelerate faster, requiring more amperage.

Function Settings

  • Disable Temp_3 and Temp_4 sensors (* only if you don't have 4 temp sensors on BMS)
  • Disable Charge Balance (IMPORTANT as charging balance is too short to full balance)

IMPORTANT: Disable Charge Balance as this option will balance cells only when charging and that time is too low to balance all the cells properly.